An Observation About the Evolution of DOCTOR Characters in Modern Entertainment




As anyone reading this probably knows, Doctor Who, who has been a male entity for over half a century, is now going to be a woman. She is to be played by Jodie Whittaker. This sad decision is actually quite a common occurrence among TV marketing for modern audiences. Dr. Watson, the famous assistant of Arthur Conan Doyle’s hugely acclaimed detective character Sherlock Holmes, was turned into a woman for the 2012 CBS adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes tale. Dr. Jane Watson was portrayed by Lucy Liu. This ruined the classic duo.

Similarly, the villainous Dr. Zachary Smith, who was obviously a male character in both the original TV series Lost in Space (1965-68) as well as in the 1998 Hollywood feature film of the same title, has now been recreated as a female character for the 2018 reboot series of Lost in Space. In the original series, Smith was rather seductive with young William Robinson at times. But as the show progressed, Smith and Will became good companions and genuine pals.

William even looked up to Smith as a sort-of father figure in the place of his dad who was strangely seldomly seen in the original series. The woman doctor severely damages this relationship between man and child. This recurring type of transformation is not the least surprising; it is simply another method used to try to attract and captivate a modern audience. So do not be surprised that if Doctor Dolittle is rebooted (again) he actually turns out to be a woman. It’s just what seems to be “in” right now.


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