Lilian Photography – Part III (Featuring Tiger Lilies and Water Droplets)

These are all photos which I took yesterday of lilies and lily plants. Early that morning there had been a torrential downpour of rain. So, as you might imagine, everything outdoors was pretty wet. But even through the storm (which eventually brought about a tree falling down in our yard), most of the flowering plants were unscathed: a little droopy but not really damaged. It was this morning that I found our first tiger lily of the season had bloomed. The water droplets on the black-spotted petals made some of the spots appear magnified. I thought it gave the tiger lily a very cool look.

DSC_0003 (2) (761x1280)

DSC_0006 (3) (1280x799)

DSC_0009 (2) (1280x853)

Tiger lilies produce dark rounded seeds on their long stems, as seen here.

DSC_0029 (1280x784)

DSC_0013 (844x1280)

And here are just a few more lilies after the rain:

DSC_0025 (1280x840)

DSC_0024 (2) (1280x853)

DSC_0027 (1280x853)

DSC_0035 (1280x853)


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