10 Interesting Facts about Creatures and Wildlife from around the Globe

Back in 2014, it was reported that the world’s oldest eel named Ale had died at an age of about 155 years.

The tuatara, a lizard-like reptilian, has a third eye, often referred to as a pineal eye, with a small lens and retina.

The saguaro cactus can live to be over 150 years old and grow to an amazing height of 45 feet.

Some tortoises have been known to live beyond 170 years of age.

If a starfish loses one of its limbs the animal can grow it back. In the same way, a single severed limb can grow into a whole new starfish.

General Sherman, the mightiest sequoia still standing, is estimated to have been growing for 2500 years.

Bullfrogs have been able to eat birds, small mammals, and even other frogs.

There can be as many as 23 different species of vultures depending on how scientists group them together.

Indian scientists found fossils with an estimated age of 1.6 billion years. They are believed to be fossils of red algae.

Japanese scientists have made a frog with clear, transparent skin. This permits one to clearly see the amphibian’s entrails while they are actively functioning in a living body.



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