5 Websites Anyone Can Publish Through That Can Potentially Allow You to Become a Viral Article Writer


1 – AwwTOPIA

Being a site geared completely towards cat owners/cat lovers, AwwTOPIA is the place for you to share your true feline tale with a large audience. A good stand-alone post on the website can receive hundreds of shares as well as thousands of views. As a member of the AwwTOPIA community, you can also upvote others’ articles.

2 – Boredpanda

This place covers just a few topics: art, photography, animals, and a couple more categories. (But that’s still more than AwwTOPIA covers!) Content uploaded here is published quickly and with ease. Your articles will also be graded by your fellow “pandas.”

3 – Niume

Niume was my introduction to what the site refers to as “collaborative blogging.” It was also my first platform for publishing my photography and writing online. Its categories called “spheres” cover an extremely broad range of topics. A few of the spheres I have posted in include Photography, Art, Interesting, Science, Culture, and Movies & Series.

Again, fellow Niumers can upvote your article, but the nice thing is that it can not be given a negative vote. (However, a voter can remove his or her positive vote.) If your post does not fit the simple guidelines, then one of Niume’s moderators will delete your article once they have discovered it.

4 – Virily

You can write anything here: a story, a photo series, a video and a story, a quiz, etc. Very similar to AwwTOPIA’s format, anything you put on Virily first needs to be approved by a higher-up before it can be published. The other Virily members can upvote or downvote your piece as well as each individual photo within it. They can even choose an emoji to describe their feelings towards your work.

5 – Vocal

I like Vocal. It seems like a bit more of a professional publisher among these five unprofessional publishing programs. But once again, your article here means it can reach a vast audience and allows others to hear what you’re thinking about or what you think is interesting. It has to be cleared by an editor for it to be featured on the appropriate Vocal subsite. Just use good English, and write clearly.


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