Spider-Man: Far from Home – Nature, Truth, and the Distortion of Reality

Pop Culture and Theology

By John Tuttle

2019 was a year in which the cinemas were full of tales of superheroes and supervillains, one of which was our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Tom Holland reprised his famous role in Spider-Man: Far from Home, the second installment in Holland’s series of films. In it, he attends a high school field trip, which takes him to a handful of beautiful European locales and gets entangled in a web of espionage and battling evil, while all the time trying to keep his superhero identity secret from his classmates.

It is under this premise that Spider-Man: Far from Home unfolds and presents a secular discourse on the truth, that vital element of living and of thinking which has become so confused and distorted historically as well as in our own modern age. Count the times the term “truth” is distinctively, strategically employed in the dialogue of the film…

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