The Woes of Weinstein

American Watchmen

While en route to Rikers Island, a pudgy man (worn by grief both given and received) grabs at his chest in vain. A heart – a cruel and sadistic heart – does the only thing it knows how to do: keep beating. Blood rushes to the man’s head, and his life’s decisions and their recent ramifications swirl about in his mind.

Had he never known fear till now? Surely, the emotions he was responsible for getting across the screen were sustained out of some inner struggle? Or, at least, when he threatened the careers of his female employees, could he not see what fear and anxiety and brokenness were then?

Perhaps it was out of a search for love that he had driven himself to such desperation, off a cliff and into moral oblivion. Over 100 women have accused the man of sexual misconduct over the past several decades. Now…

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