Meet John: Creator, Writer, and Editor

Come to Of Intellect and Interest to get frequent articles related to entertainment, science, health, history, and writing, as well as small-time news which is unheard of on most websites and publications. Follow the Of Intellect and Interest blog to get updates on the latest articles. Of Intellect and Interest is run by John Tuttle, a young man with a passion for writing, photography, video-making, and sharing! Most of the blog posts found here are written by him. He has also blogged on Niume, Travellerspoint, Youngwriterssociety, and He has published images, reviews, and articles through history websites such as Ancient History Encyclopedia and Ancient Origins. He has written movie reviews on a number of sites including IMDb and Movie Quotes and More. He has also published on Scriggler, Virily, Medium, and

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