3 Artistic Versions of the Winter Tangerine

Over a week ago, I went outside with a little tangerine. Its soft, peelable shell was a vibrant orange and ever so slightly bumpy. Snow covered the ground. It was late morning, and the sun was shining brightly. The natural lighting was practically perfect! The snow was starting to melt, but it was rather cold nonetheless. The tangerine was to be my subject. I was the … Continue reading 3 Artistic Versions of the Winter Tangerine

The 811 at Atchison, Kansas

This past weekend was a long weekend. It began on Wednesday afternoon after my brother and I had finished our classes at the community college. After picking up my two girl cousins we headed out on a seven-hour drive to Atchison, Kansas. We spent the next two days visiting Benedictine College and just seeing what there was to see in Atchison itself. This visit was primarily … Continue reading The 811 at Atchison, Kansas

The Art of Rome

One of the personally likable aspects of the streets and restaurants of the Eternal City is the art that they frequently host. There are so many different forms, styles, and creative techniques. The statues, the occasional flower displays, the painters working on the street, the graffiti, and the framed artwork adorning the interiors of the cafes are just a few of the prime examples of … Continue reading The Art of Rome

Photos of Lincoln in Art

In my travels throughout my home state of Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, and to Washington, D.C., my camera and I have been busy. I have also included some photos of depictions of President Abraham Lincoln in U.S. currency and postage. If you are a fan of Lincoln for the historical figure he is then you are in for a treat. Here are the photos. Enjoy! … Continue reading Photos of Lincoln in Art

Festive Cinnamon Photos

You know, many of my photographic inspirations come from nifty little items I see on a daily basis right inside my home. Recently, I captured several staged shots featuring cinnamon as one of the main subjects. Even though Christmas and the other holidays are already gone, I enjoy many of the aesthetics that Yuletide decor has. The cinnamon sticks have been sitting in glass jars for … Continue reading Festive Cinnamon Photos

Photos of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC

Almost a whole year ago, my mom, brother, aunt, and some cousins traveled twelve hours by car to visit the capital of the United States for the March for Life. We were there for several days. And we visited some of the most iconic monuments of the city, of the entire nation, one of which was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s memorial. While we were there, … Continue reading Photos of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC