Irwin Allen and the Prop from The Story of Ruth

Very recently, I discovered an old movie called The Story of Ruth, a 1960 romantic dramatization of the Biblical Book of Ruth. Interestingly enough, the Book of Ruth employs a type of title rare to texts found in the Holy Bible. Apart from the Book of Esther, Ruth is the only book of the Bible to be given a woman’s name for a title. The … Continue reading Irwin Allen and the Prop from The Story of Ruth

Bells on Fishing Poles on Mother’s Day

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. My aunt, uncle, cousins, immediate family, and I went camping that weekend as we also were celebrating two of my cousins’ birthdays. Friday evening and much of Saturday was just damp and rainy and not very fun. Half the food was cooking the way we had planned. The bathroom situation was…interesting to say the least. But we had each other, … Continue reading Bells on Fishing Poles on Mother’s Day

Going from Homebody to Full-time Employee

I just started a job! Well, “just” as in a little over a week ago. My first day was Thursday, May 3rd, the day after I finished my Writing for the Media class at Rock Valley College. (Many of my recent blog posts were based on prompts specifically for the class.) Last week was my first full week, and I’m a full-time employee in the … Continue reading Going from Homebody to Full-time Employee

What (I Hope) the Future Has in Store for Me

+JMJ+ The future: this is something mankind has tried to peer into, even travel to, throughout history. It’s like flying; it started off as a dream, an idea. But unlike flying, any form of time travel, apart from the day-to-day spending of hours, has not become a reality. It’s been said the human mind is constantly dwelling on the past and imagining what the future … Continue reading What (I Hope) the Future Has in Store for Me

M-Dwarf Star Displays Superflare

Daily Facts for the Quick Reader   A superflare has been discovered on a priorly unknown M-dwarf star. The technical dubbing of the flare is “ASASSN-18di.” This was noticed by a group of astronomers headed by the Ohio State University’s Romy Rodriguez Martinez. Martinez along with the rest of her team have witnessed quite a few flares take place on other dwarf stars; some of them were … Continue reading M-Dwarf Star Displays Superflare

My Experience in Media

+JMJ+ This could definitely be considered a self-promotional piece revolving around me and my talent, but it’s really not about me. Instead, this is about my passions, how they intersect, how they feed one another, and how they’ve managed to feed me (literally) at times. When I submit my stuff to various publications, my bio almost always includes something to this effect, “John Tuttle is … Continue reading My Experience in Media