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The Returning Glimmer

I trod a brick-paved main street through the middle of town. Trees lined the sidewalk with rusted gutters resting at their feet. A forlorn set of Yuletide lights was left strung around one of the trunks. The whole place had acquired that silence which is customary to all the pomp and bliss of a cemetery.… Continue reading The Returning Glimmer

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Video Communication Technologies See an Increase in Use During the Coronavirus Era

Video chat technologies have seen a drastic increase in use over the past two weeks. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, various cautionary procedures have been put into place by federal and state policymakers. While every state has made the point to declare an emergency situation over its jurisdiction, social distancing has been prescribed by the CDC for individuals of… Continue reading Video Communication Technologies See an Increase in Use During the Coronavirus Era

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From Spiritual Retreat to Panic and Pandemic

Recently, I had the pleasure of trekking into the beautiful and bold backcountry of Utah, outside of Moab, which is where we went throughout the week for various supplies. This expedition was a spiritual exercise that I had signed up for a few weeks before. Then, about a week ago, I returned to the campus… Continue reading From Spiritual Retreat to Panic and Pandemic


The Catholic Response to the Coronavirus

Clarifying Catholicism

by John Tuttle, Benedictine College


“Be not afraid,” St. John Paul II says. They echo now still, these words for the ages. They have been proclaimed by leaders and politicians down through the centuries. It’s a worn maxim. Yet, the fact cannot be overlooked that it provides purpose and direction.

As I’ve seen universities and businesses quake and reluctantly close their door amid the onslaught of COVID-19, I have been caught up in a dreamlike sensation. For me, it is not a nightmare, but certainly an unearthly landscape. Amid such developments, my dad texted me that famed line from JPII. I remarked how I also had just been pondering the saint’s evergreen words.

Be not afraid! Can a soldier fight effectively when enveloped in a looming shadow of fears? Not likely. And we, the soldiers for Christ, can fall into the same rut. Fear is natural. But when we…

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The Woes of Weinstein

American Watchmen

While en route to Rikers Island, a pudgy man (worn by grief both given and received) grabs at his chest in vain. A heart – a cruel and sadistic heart – does the only thing it knows how to do: keep beating. Blood rushes to the man’s head, and his life’s decisions and their recent ramifications swirl about in his mind.

Had he never known fear till now? Surely, the emotions he was responsible for getting across the screen were sustained out of some inner struggle? Or, at least, when he threatened the careers of his female employees, could he not see what fear and anxiety and brokenness were then?

Perhaps it was out of a search for love that he had driven himself to such desperation, off a cliff and into moral oblivion. Over 100 women have accused the man of sexual misconduct over the past several decades. Now…

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Comically Lambasting Anti-Semitism in Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit is a sensational masterpiece converging comedy with sobering sincerity to produce a story that criticizes anti-Semitism, cutting deep into audiences' consciences and stirring their spirits. Note this review shall encompass spoilers among other examinations. Young Jojo is the result of a boiling milieu seasoned with shameless propaganda. A ten-year-old boy growing… Continue reading Comically Lambasting Anti-Semitism in Jojo Rabbit (2019)


What the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show and the Commercials Say about America

American Watchmen

Telling – that’s what comes to mind in an attempt to personify this year’s Super Bowl ads and its infamous halftime performance. Some buddies and I sat down to watch the game, the San Francisco 49ers confronting the Kansas City Chiefs. The entertainment offered in between the main event provided an intriguing and, at times, unsettling snapshot into mainstream culture in the U.S.

The Super Bowl is a cultural cornerstone of our society, the way we think, and the way we act. The NFL has over 20 million more Twitter followers than the official Star Wars page. In 2020, 102 million digital spectators tuned in to see the Super Bowl LIV broadcast. I suppose it’s a big deal.

Keeping in mind the vast viewership the game garners for itself, it should be noted that the commercials and other side-entertainment associated with this annual event have a significant impact. This year’s…

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