M-Dwarf Star Displays Superflare

Daily Facts for the Quick Reader   A superflare has been discovered on a priorly unknown M-dwarf star. The technical dubbing of the flare is “ASASSN-18di.” This was noticed by a group of astronomers headed by the Ohio State University’s Romy Rodriguez Martinez. Martinez along with the rest of her team have witnessed quite a few flares take place on other dwarf stars; some of them were … Continue reading M-Dwarf Star Displays Superflare

My Experience in Media

+JMJ+ This could definitely be considered a self-promotional piece revolving around me and my talent, but it’s really not about me. Instead, this is about my passions, how they intersect, how they feed one another, and how they’ve managed to feed me (literally) at times. When I submit my stuff to various publications, my bio almost always includes something to this effect, “John Tuttle is … Continue reading My Experience in Media

Two Photographs by John Tuttle

Originally posted on formercactus:
The Hunt’s Afoot depicts a colorful and classical scene of an Easter egg hunt set-up. The scene was situated outdoors in fresh green grass and natural lighting. I used an assortment of egg-shaped objects as the prime subjects. We usually get together with cousins of all different ages on Easter Sunday so we had a plethora of plastic eggs around the… Continue reading Two Photographs by John Tuttle

The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Review

The 2016 animated feature film The Secret Life of Pets was a rather successful picture when it hit the box office. The movie grossed several hundred million dollars more than the figure it cost to produce it. It depended strongly upon its elements of comedy (oftentimes crude or dark) and drama. From the title alone, it’s not hard to tell this is another one of … Continue reading The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Review

Family and Forgiveness

Growing up in a Catholic family, I have examined the benefits of forgiveness since an early age. Can you imagine a mother with no forgiveness? I am sure they’re out there, but a lack of this kind of charity does not make for strong, unified family relationships. And I’m quite thankful I had good parental examples. This virtue is one of the hardest to exercise at … Continue reading Family and Forgiveness

People Make Fun of Lost in Space, But It’s My Favorite TV Show

Lost in Space was a science fiction TV series which originally aired between the years 1965 and 1968. It competed directly with Star Trek: TOS, a well-known fact which the old Saturday Night Live skit below eludes to. In the day, LIS was by far more popular with audiences than Star Trek. Unfortunately, and to my added dismay, Star Trek had a revival which gained … Continue reading People Make Fun of Lost in Space, But It’s My Favorite TV Show

The Significance of Easter and the Easter Egg

+JMJ+ Any Christian should be able to tell you why Easter is so important. It’s the largest feast, the chief of all holidays on the calendar of the Catholic liturgical year. The season of Lent leads up to the celebration. At this solemn feast, we commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb. Christ who is both wholly God and fully man has died, … Continue reading The Significance of Easter and the Easter Egg